Přehýšov Logistics Park

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The Logistics center Přehýšov is situated right on the D5 highway, at exit 100, nearby the town of Přehýšov.

This industrial park is highly visible and accessible for heavy vehicles as well as for visitors. The proximity to Pilsen enables to benefit from the Pilsen region labor market.

The Western Bohemia region is a home to many production companies. Some are German logistics and production providers that had moved their activities across the border.



  • building area 130 744 sq.m.
  • lettable area warehouses 126 633 sq. m.
  • lettable area of office components 12 200 sq. m.


  • Warehouses have a "cross-dock" configuration - access for heavy vehicles from both sides
  • BREAM certification – targeting Excellent
  • the clear height under the truss of 12 m
  • light manufacturing possible
  • enables storage in the entire area of the hall - without the need for partitions

Site plan

B3 ±0,00 = 364,90 29,890 m² B2 ±0,00 = 364,70 50,427 m² B1 ±0,00 = 364,20 50,427 m²

More information

  • Column spacing 12x24

  • Clear height 12m

  • Floor load capacity 7000kg/m2 - can be increased

  • Heating 15°C

  • Sprinklers designed according to the FM Global standard

  • Luminaires from Zumtobel

  • Forced ventilation using ZOTK

  • Drive-in 6 pcs, size 3.5 x 4.25 m, manufacturer Hörmann, slats thickness 67mm (Thermo)

  • Doors 72 pieces, size 3 x 3.2 m, manufacturer Hörmann, slats thickness 67mm (Thermo)

  • Loading platforms 72 pcs., size 2 x 3.5 m, manufacturer Hörmann, platform 8/10, extendable front 500 mm, insulated lower platform

  • Composition of the COMBIROOF roof in total. thickness 230 mm (MW 2 x 30 mm + EPS 150 thickness 80 mm + EPS 150 thickness 90 mm), heat transfer coefficient U=0.148 W/m2K

  • Cladding from facade panels, thickness 200mm, heat transfer coefficient U=0.19 W/m2K

  • Connection to the Cetina optical network, low-current distributions in optics

  • Possibility of using gray water for flushing.

  • Site security 24/7

  • Entry system with license plate reader

  • Halls connected to gas in the amount of 241 m3/h

  • Water from own well - approx. 100 m3/day

  • The possibility of producing drinking water from rainwater.

  • Halls connected to electricity Energy with the possibility of taking 6.4MW and we are negotiating an increase to 8.4MW

  • Halls prepared for installation of photovoltaic panels - increased load-bearing capacity of prefab and trapezoidal sheets, stiffer roof structure, used PVC film thickness 1.8 mm

  • BREAM certification – targeting Excellent

  • Parking lot for trucks 37 pcs

  • Parking for cars 425 pcs of which 37 pcs for disabled people and 20 pcs for electric cars

  • Access to the D5 highway at a distance of 1 km

  • Possibility of variable arrangement of office components

  • We are negotiating the construction of a train and bus stop at the site.

  • Railway siding may be possible subject to negotiation.

Important places

Higway D5
1 km

Gas station
12 km

State border with Germany
60 km


100 km

20 km

270 km




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